Top 20 tear jerkers

There comes a time every month (you girls know) when all I need is a good cry along with a hearty laugh. And to aid in my temporary emotional breakdown I have a selection of films that happen to do the trick and get the waters flowing… excuse the pun
1. Steal Magnolias: A group of Southern women experience the highs and lows of life. Shelby (Julia Roberts) is enjoying her new marriage, while also dealing with complications from her diabetes
2. Terms of Endearment: Over the course of 30 years, mother Aurora (Shirley MacLaine) and daughter Emma (Debra Winger) navigate a contentious love-hate relationship with one another
3. The Imitation of Life: Aspiring actress Lora (Lana Turner) and her daughter Susie (Sandra Dee) form a close relationship with Annie (Juanita Moore) and her daughter Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner), who struggles with her racial identity
4. My Sisters Keeper: Anna (Breslin) was genetically engineered before birth so that she would be a bone marrow match for her leukaemia-stricken older sister (Vassilieva). Now 13, she wants medical emancipation from her parents so she isn’t forced to undergo any more of the surgeries required to help keep her sister alive
5. P.s I Love You: A widow named Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) receives messages that her late husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) arranged to have sent to her after his death
6. My Girl: In 1972, 11-year-old Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) feels distant from her widower father (Dan Aykroyd), and bonds with a boy named Thomas J (Macaulay Culkin)
7. The Notebook: At a nursing home, Duke (James Garner) tells a fellow patient (Gena Rowlands) the story of Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams), two star-crossed lovers in the 1940s.
8. Stepmom: Jackie Harrison (Susan Sarandon), a woman dying of terminal lymphoma, comes to terms with her children (Jena Malone and Liam Aiken) being raised by her husband’s girlfriend Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts)
9. Hacksaw Ridge: A true story based on Desmond. P. Doss played by Andrew Garfield, the first to recieve the Congressional Medal of Honour despite the fact that he refused to bear arms during World War 2
10. The Way We Were: Opposites attract – until they don’t – in this fated love story. Katie (Streisand) is independent, liberal, political, impassioned and earnest. Hubbell is handsome, charming, talented and a bit of a rogue
11. Marley and Me: John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) raise a difficult puppy named Marley to adulthood along with their kids
12. Beaches: Actress and singer C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler) shares a lifelong friendship with lawyer Hillary Whitney (Barbara Hershey), despite their different backgrounds and journeys in life
13. An Affair to Remember: A playboy (Cary Grant) and a chanteuse (Deborah Kerr) fall in love on a transatlantic liner. Both are already attached but when they dock at New York, they agree to meet at the Empire State Building in six months’ time
14. The Green Mile: Death row inmate John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) reveals to prison guard Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) that he has healing powers and has been falsely accused
15. Saving Private Ryan: The tale of a group of soldiers who have been tasked by higher command to go on a search mission through Nazi-occupied France to find a single soldier and bring him home
16. Ghost: Demi Moore’s character Molly lost her other half in the violent shooting scene. However, the ending was even more painful as Molly and the ghost of Sam finally had to say goodbye forever
17. A Star is Born: Hollywood actor Norman Maine (James Mason) is a celebrity whose star is on the wane, but when he meets aspiring actress Esther Blodgett (Judy Garland), he is inspired to help her, and soon the two appear in a musical together
18. Sophie’s Choice: In 1947 Brooklyn, Polish immigrant Sophie (Meryl Streep) bonds with a writer named Stingo (Peter MacNicol) and eventually recounts her traumatic experience at Auschwitz
19. Brief Encounter: Returning home from a shopping trip to a nearby town, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) is thrown by happenstance into an acquaintance with virtuous doctor Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard). Their casual friendship soon develops during their weekly visits into something more emotional
20. Kramer vs Kramer: On the same day Manhattan advertising executive Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) lands the biggest account of his career, he learns that his wife, Joanna (Meryl Streep), is leaving him and their young son, Billy (Justin Henry)
Get in touch and let me know if you’ve managed to see any of the films I’ve mentioned- if you know anymore tear jerkers I can add to my list get in touch!

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